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募集職種:Freelance Japanese Transcriber and Japanese Translators
募集言語  英語
募集職種  Freelance Japanese Transcriber and Japanese Translators
雇用形態  在宅フリーランス
We are looking for Japanese freelance transcribers to work with us for our general transcription services and/or specific client-based transcription projects.

Good comprehension as well as referencing skills
Should be able to refer to client reference materials and find information online.

To handle subject areas especially clinical research, astronomy, science, medicine, economy, business, music, arts, etc.
Proficient in Japanese language.
To decipher geographical accents
To understand conferences, one-on-one interviews, symposiums, seminars, events, telephonic conversations, documentaries, etc.

The overall transcription work that we process is quite challenging. We aim to deliver 99% transcription accuracy to our esteemed clients.

I’ll quickly take you through the steps involved in the recruitment. It’ll help you understand the timelines and expectations:
Step 1 - We examine your resume and check whether your overall profile meets our requirements
Step 2 - We send you samples designed to test your skills it is an unpaid test
Step 3 - If selected, we offer you the rate, and present you with the NDA, Contract and other relevant documents
Step 4 - On successful completion of the Recruitment process, you are added to our pool and you will start receiving assignments once anything suitable to your profile comes up

About Us:
Voxtab is a leading provider of English transcription services across the globe. We are a brand of Crimson Interactive, one of the world’s foremost innovators of language solutions. Innovation is not simply a marketing strategy for us; it is a value we live by. Voxtab’s team of transcriptionists and quality analysts is comprised of native-English speakers from the US, UK, and Australia. We offer expertise in transcribing specific regional accent and dialect (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and European languages in particular) into flawless English. And we are also highly qualified in any subject areafrom business and the law to medicine and the sciences.

Crimson Interactive is a company where cultures across boundaries thrive together. Currently, we meet the language and publishing needs of independent and corporate clients in over 89 countries around the world. Under the brands Voxtab, Ulatus, and Enago, Crimson works with a pool of highly skilled professionals having unparalleled technical expertise and language skills. Our business practices, human resources, and supporting technologies demonstrate our commitment to delighting our clients. We have diverse in-house staff comprising different nationalities such as Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Turkish, Brazilian, and Indians all working towards a common objective: to serve the global academic community in the best way possible.

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